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Research interests:

Process-based ecological modelling, global optimization of C storage, timber production and biodiversity


Ongoing research projects:

Planting trees or natural succession? Looking for the best way to store carbon, conserve biodiversity and produce timber at the same time - A global analysis

Biomass accumulation in forest is widely considered as a major tool for mitigating global warming. Knowledge of the amount of biomass accumulated is an important indicator of forest productivity status and the role of terrestrial ecosystems in the carbon cycle, however, accurate and up-to-date information of dynamics and spatial patterns on forest aboveground biomass remain rudimentary within natural forest with succession and planted forest with stand development. Applying the compiled global biomass datasets, the main objectives in this project are to develop a new global temperature-driven model on stand development to quantify and compare biomass accumulation rates of in different forest types in humid climates, and integrate biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation into global models for forest carbon storage and timber production. By exploring the potential values of alternative reforestation types in context of carbon storage, this research may assist policymakers to develop effective strategies for enhancing forest carbon sequestration and achieve sustainable management aimed at mitigating climate change.


  • 9/2015-6/2020 PhD in Ecology, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • 9/2019-12/2019  Academic visitor at the Univ. of Helsinki

  • 2/2019-8/2019    Joint training PhD at Rutgers University



CHENG Zhongqian

Doctoral student

Research focus:

My doctoral research will focus on study the woody plant growth- form strategy in an elevational gradient in dry valley in Hengduan Mountain, China. Field includes dendroecology, dendro-physiology, and dendroclimatology.​

Working experience:

Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Beijing, China
Assistant researcher, July 2016- June 2020



9/2013-6/2016  Beijing Forestry University, MSc. Silviculture
9/2015-6/2016  Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Exchange study on Euroforester programme
9/2009-7/2013  Beijing Forestry University, Bachelor degree in Forestry




Dou Minyu

Future doctoral student


9/2017- ongoing, Beijing Forestry University



Administrative assistant (1/3 time)


  • Master of Bioengineering


Principal investigator

Past research projects:

   2013-2018 Carbon in human used tropical landscapes

   2012-2013 Branching of Betula (descriptive)

   2007-2011 Forest carbon field protocols in the tropics

   2001-2005 Forest fires and climate in Finland


Current foci:

  • Forest management to mitigate climate change

  • Global optimization of carbon storage and fibre production

  • Tree size and wood density

  • Wind the tree biomechanics

  • Wood characteristics and silviculture


  • Forests of the World 

  • Forestry and Global Change





LU Xiancheng

Research assistant


Syed Ajijur RAHMAN "Sumon"

Research fellow

Current foci:

  • Tropical forest management

  • Landscape approach for environmental conservation and better livelihoods

  • Ecosystem services valuation

  • Modelling and adoption of agroforestry



  • PhD in Agricultural Economics, University of Copenhagen

  • PhD in Agroforestry, Bangor University