Posted on 5 November 2019

Postdoc announcement in Chinese




Posted on 2 September 2019

Willing to join the group?

Send your curriculum vitae to Markku LARJAVAARA ( and

Particularly interesting topics could be explored with:
•    a GIS-modeller (global biomass variation; optimizing carbon storage, biomass production and biodiversity)
•    a programmer (forest growth)
•    an engineer (biomechanics of woody plants)
•    a statistician




Posted on 27 June 2019 - Apply latest 25 August

Doctoral student


Research group on forest ecology in Institute of Ecology in Peking University is inviting expressions of interest from those potentially willing to start doctoral studies. Peking University has a 3-year-programme is for those already having a MSc degree and a 5-year-programme for those with a BSc degree. Both programmes start in September 2020. Official applications are submitted later, but to get the support of the Forest Ecology Research Group send your curriculum vitae to Markku LARJAVAARA at latest on 25 August 2019.


Posted on 19 June 2019 - Apply latest 20 August

Postdoctoral researcher 

or / and

Research scientist/assistant/technician


The research group on forest ecology is inviting applications for research in one of the following topics:


a.     Trees grow fast in the tropics but old-growth forest biomasses are greatest in maritime temperate climates. Knowledge of the temperature driven physiological bases of these patterns can be used for several applications: climate change caused impacts on old-growth forest biomass can be quantified and optimal distribution to maximize both production and carbon conservation can be computed.


b.     Current models on forest stand development take biomechanical requirements and the timings of energetic investments poorly into account. With the new model we can understand better evolution of wood traits, “investment strategy” of trees and apply it to optimize carbon storage and production in a stand scale.


c.     Other topics based on the interests of the researchers can be discussed.


The postdoctoral researcher has a doctoral degree in ecology, forestry, geography, computer science or related disciplines and is recruited to a fixed two-year-programme of Peking University. There is more flexibility with the contract and educational background of the research scientist/assistant/technician and the focus could be on statistics, programming or GIS. For both researchers a knowledge of both written and spoken Chinese and English is required. For more information, contact Markku LARJAVAARA at Send your application latest 20 August 2019 to Attach a short cover letter, curriculum vitae and list of publications that are merged in one pdf-file of no more than two pages long and with all information in English.